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Fresh Roasted Coffee

Quality coffee, wherever you are and wherever you are coffee creates community.

The power of coffee is in the conversations that will be sparked. When you brew up a cup of coffee, we hope that you are going to gather around a cup of Mighty Fine! Coffee.


In Your Home

In Your Coffee Shop

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Is the coffee you drink fresh?

At Mighty Fine! we roast and ship biweekly and stamp the roast date clearly on the front of our packages. So you always know, you are getting the freshest cup of coffee.

Is the coffee you drink ethically sourced?

We small batch roast our coffee with care and ethically source it from around the world.

Did you know that coffee builds community?

At Mighty Fine we know that coffee creates community, the problem is community can be hard to find. We believe a Mighty Fine cup of coffee can bring people together, and with each small batch roasted blend we all have the opportunity to discover the roots that bind us together.

Fresh Quality Coffee

We roast high quality beans every week with care and expertise.

Ethically Sourced

We care about the farmers and the quality of our coffee. Through a rigorous selection process Mighty Fine! selects high quality coffee from the world's top growers.

Supporting Community

In our community (Faribault, MN) we are connecting with coffee drinkers, business owners, nonprofits and community leaders to share quality coffee and experiences that leads to a more connected community. Our coffee also supports veterans through our coffee for soldiers program. As a veteran owned company we aim to provide a taste of home to service members around the world. Your purchase supports these communities, local and abroad, including the many farmers we source from.


Coffee & Us


Mighty Fine! Is a project 13 years in the making, headed up by Nathaniel Cunningham who, after growing up in Faribault, developed the idea in 2004, a couple of years into his career as an intelligence operator in the US Army. He took on roles in the Army and his spare time which would allow him translate his operational skills to the civilian side in order to influence a community; collecting recipes, languages and cultural experiences along the way as well as joining the Specialty Coffee Association of America, consulting for multiple coffee houses and managing a successful coffeehouse in the Seattle, Washington area.

There is a team behind Mighty Fine! including co owner Jordan Brennan whose passion for coffee and previous coffee roasting experience serves to augment our process and increase production capabilities. We have strong connections with other Minnesota coffee roasting companies including; Cameron’s Coffee, Peace Coffee, Ox and Crow Coffeehouse and Groundwire, who are willing to lend their expertise to our venture guaranteeing an innovative coffee experience Faribault has yet to encounter.

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